We're All About The Boo's!

  • Jeckel & Hyde


    This Drink is a Strange Case of Bulleit Bourbon mixed with Sweet Gin. We then top it off with Blood Orange liqueur and fresh squeezed citrus. Smoking, and red in color this drink has an unpredictably dual nature: it tastes very good, but it's shockingly evil.

  • Frogs Breath


    This suspicious Martini is made with Peach Cognac, house made Ginger Peach Syrup and Fresh Lemon. Served straight up and bubbling, this one will put Dr. Finkelstein to rest

  • Hocus Pocus


    Empress Gin infused with our own potion, Peach and Habenero Lime make this magical color changing cocktail turn right before your eyes. This drink has just enough Kick to keep the Sanderson Sisters young!

  • Witch's Brew


    Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble Absolut Juice, 151 flambeed cinnamon apples, sour apple & fresh cider. This potion will get you in trouble

  • Bone Daddy


    This creamy concoction of Brandy & Benedictine (B&B) Shaken with Vanilla honey cream and dusted with fresh nutmeg. makes this drink one to write the graveyard about

  • The Sabrina


    Ketel One botanical grapefruit & rose vodka, kiwi infused St. Germain, Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla gin, fresh lemon and magic dust.

  • Drunkin Pumpkin


    Jameson, Our House Sour, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Liqueur and Puree all concocted into a drink that would make any Pumpkin Lover Smile. Be careful though this is a drink meant for two. Served in our special Jack-O-Lantern Bowl

  • Screamin' Tiki


    Screwball Peanut butter whiskey, Frangellico, Almond & choco vine. Topped with a Ferrero Rocher & Sugared hibiscus

  • Supernatural


    MQueen and the violet fog gin, creme de violet, orange liquor and cream, topped off with a flaming marshmallow. Tastes even better then Dean's Impala looks.

  • Teen Wolf



  • Frank's Stein


    An electrifyingly tasty stein filled with fresh muddled citrus, Guava rum, Absolute Citron, Midori and ginger beer, finished off with our house made guava foam. This will drink bring you to life!

  • Neurotoxin


    Bulleit rye whicker & Absoltu starwberry vodka mized with our house created spider venom create a drink that will leave you paralyzed

  • Horny Devil


    Absolut juice apple, Jalapeno jelly, peche de vigne & habanaro bitters, finished with a thia pepper horns. A spicy peach & a pitchfork

  • Uncle Fester


    Kraken Black Roast Coffee Rum, Jameson, Cream & Cinnamon. A Good Coffee Drink To Keep Your Lightbulb Burning.

  • Donnie Darko


    Patron XO, Gran Gala, St. Germain & Citrus Mix To Create This One Long Insane Trip

Written by.
Head Witch