Looking For A Key?

The Hunt Is On!

Did You Find

A Key?

Dying to find a key?
Well isn’t everyone?

The rules are simple. Go out into the central Florida area and search. Keys can be anywhere and there are a total of 50 keys to find! These keys are the only way to gain entry to our Cocktails and Screams Grand Opening Event! Check out the FAQ below to answers to specific questions. We hope this will be great fun for everyone and we look forward to seeing you at the grand opening!

Our Special Holiday & Bonus Keys! 
Are You A Holiday Keymaster?

We launched a few special keys over the Holidays just to say thank you! It has been a lot of fun to be able to bring you this scavenger hunt and we are very happy how much of an interest you have showed in it. We will be releasing the next set of 13 keys in January. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates!

Can You Find Bone Daddy’s Keys?
I’m Sure You Are Dying To Try!

We are releasing the next 3 sets of 13 key all in the spirit of our three owners. This first set is locked down by The Bone Daddy!

Can You Find The Head Witch’s Keys?
Try Casting A Spell For Luck!

We are releasing the next 3 sets of 13 key all in the spirit of our three owners. This second set is all about the Head Witch!

Can You Find The Pumpkin King’s Keys?
Don’t Forget To Look For The Jack-O-Lantern!

We are releasing the next 3 sets of 13 key all in the spirit of our three owners. This third set is the Pumpkin King’s Themed in old School Halloween!

The Keys To Spooky Empire?
Special Bonus Keys!

A very Special Thank you to Petey, Kim, and the entire Spooky Empire Crew! You made our bonus key hunt very special!

When is the grand opening?

Cocktails and Screams is shooting for a March opening, but as we all know construction changes, so this date will be fluid and an official date will be announced as we enter the months ahead.

Where do I find keys?

Keys are hidden throughout the central Florida area. There will be daily clues on our Facebook / Instagram or Website on where to find them.

Can I find more then one key?

You may find as many keys as you would like but only one can be physically claimed per person. Meaning you can search with your friend and yell to them if you find it but you can’t touch it if you already hold a key. We are doing this to be fair to all scavengers. 🙂

How do we know how many keys are left?

Each key will have a photo on the website. When a key is found that photo will be replaced with a photo you send us of you holding the key and your name to be embedded in Cocktails and Screams history forever!

How many keys are there?

There are a total of 52 keys, in addition to one Gold Master keep. (There may be other special keys at special times as well) They will be released in groups of 13 monthly. Keep checking back for release dates and clues!

Are keys hidden in plain site?

Some keys are in plain site, others you may be required to do something such as ask someone to claim them.

Are all keys created equal?

No there are all different types of keys out there. Some will have additional prizes including a single Gold Key which can be claimed to give you VIP status for a year. (this includes, a Free VIP room on a night of your choice with a $200 Bar tab, tickets to the grand opening, 10% off your tab for the year, and guaranteed entry / line skip.)

I found a key what now?

If you find a key you must post a photo with the hashtag @cocktailsandscreams #keymaster to to Facebook or Instagram and like our pages. After go to our sister bar Joysticks Arcade Lounge And Retro Bar located at 69 East Pine street during business hours and see a bartender. Say “I am the Keymaster, are you the gatekeeper?” They will then verify your key and have you fill out a form for you to collect your prizes. Please keep good track of your key and bring it to the grand opening where it will be used for some special secrets.

Is there any purchase necessary?

There is no purchase necessary to claim your key. As a matter of fact some keys have additional prizes other then the two entry tickets if found.

How do I become a key location?

If you are interested in being a location where a key is hidden please email us at james@cocktailsandscreams.com

How do I get my tickets?

You must bring you key into Joysticks Orlando to claim your two tickets to the event. Just turn it in to our manager on staff with the phrase “I am the key-master, are you the gatekeeper?” and they will have you fill out a form where so we can mail you tickets once a final grand opening date has been announced.

Is there an age limit for the scavenger hunt?

You must be 21 by March in order to participate in the scavenger hunt. We will not admit anyone under 21 to the grand opening even if you are holding a key.

Are keys transferable, or can I sell mine?

Keys are NOT transferable. If you find a key you cannot give it away or sell it. We require photographic evidence of the key-holder when the key is found and they must be the ones that attend the event.

In extreme circumstances if you contact us first we may make an exception to this.

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